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​How to Complete Pre Employment Checks - Fast

​How to Complete Pre Employment Checks - Fast

Because they can take an indeterminate amount of time, pre employment checks often put recruiters, hiring professionals and human resource representatives in the hot seat in a competitive job market.

Thankfully, ever-improving hiring technology can streamline the hiring process without compromising the quality of the checks.


The Gift of Technology

Using the technology available today is the number one way to complete pre employment checks faster, smarter and more thoroughly.

A quick internet search will prove there are several background check options available to employers. For the most part, different providers offer slightly different services, and each with varying degrees of professionalism and thoroughness. And by “differ,” we mean the range is significant.

Some providers will offer platforms with features from hiring workflow management systems to online applicant form completion and e-signatures. These are ideal for large companies managing large numbers of new hires simultaneously. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are providers who offer simple information “plug and search” on an as-needed basis. And, of course, there are options in between.

It is important to note that the vast pre employment checking options available to companies should be carefully researched, as you, the employer, will be held accountable for any issues surrounding bad hires including the ever-present danger of being liable for negligible hiring.

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Even with Technology, How Long Does a Pre Employment Check Take?

One of the most frequently asked questions background screening companies like Triton get is about the turnaround time of a check. And the answer is often an unsatisfactory, “It depends.” Even with today’s technological advances, there are factors that can still slow down a check.

Things that can affect the turnaround time of a pre employment check include:

  • The hiring processes an organization may or may not already have in place.

  • The candidate’s timeliness with form completion and documentation.

  • The types of pre-employment checks that need to be performed, in general.

  • Other unforeseen circumstances like misinformation on applications and resumes,  unresponsive employers, schools and references, and the like.

If all things are working together, meaning there are no snags in an organization's hiring process, the candidate is timely and there are no unforeseen circumstances to account for, a third-party pre employment check conducted by a third party service provider like Triton usually takes two to four business days to complete most types of checks.

Other Strategies to Consider that Save Time:

  • Use a single service provider. It matters who is managing the aspects of a background check. A single, third-party screening service that handles comprehensive checks is more time-efficient than a single in-house HR representative piecing together information using a variety of smaller screening providers that specialize in specific information.

  • Only perform relevant checks. While you might like to know if your lead accountant has credit issues, a credit check on a delivery driver is likely unnecessary. And you’ll want the driving record of your delivery driver and may not need it for the accountant. Each check takes time. Just do what is necessary.

  • Check the finalists. The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) recommends conducting background checks on two or three finalists instead of a single candidate. While investigating one individual is less expensive, if the pre employment check raises a red flag, you are saved the time, energy and effort of having to start all over with another candidate.

Often, these vital but time-consuming pre employment checks can cause delays in the hiring process, adding stress to what is already, arguably, an organization’s most important decision - the people it employs. Whether your organization is big or small, using the technology available to you today will speed up the process.

Triton specializes in helping businesses streamline their background check process. For more guidance and best practices on avoiding bad hires, download this free eBook.


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