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How to Shop for Background Check Services

How to Shop for Background Check Services

Anyone who has done a quick web search for the term “background check services” is aware that there are many companies that offer these services of one kind or another. 

And while it is important your company has the support it needs, choosing a background check company and services can be overwhelming.

Consider the following when shopping for a background check service provider.


Consider Your Company’s Needs

When shopping for background check services, first assess your company’s needs. Consider the following:

  1. How big is your company? Smaller companies may not need a comprehensive hiring platform with workflow tracking and document management. But a larger company handling multiple new hires on an ongoing basis might.

  2. Are you facing a hiring surge? A company facing an increase in hiring may need the support of a background check company with comprehensive services and tracking abilities.

  3. How much help do you have? If you are a one-person HR team, outsourcing hiring tasks might be really helpful, improving your efficiency and freeing you up to do other HR tasks only you can do.

Having an understanding of what your company needs now - and in the near future - will help you as you move into the next set of shopping considerations.


Consider the Background Check Services Offered - and the Quality

The next question to ask yourself is: What types of checks and what depth of check does my company need to make confident hiring decisions? Type and depth matter.

  • Type: If you are hiring a wide range of individuals - programmers, accountants, marketers, customer service representatives, warehouse staff and delivery drivers, you need several different types of background checks. You may even benefit from using a service provider that offers a wide range of detailed services. For example, you may want to require a wellness check for medical staff but not your web developer. Make sure the provider you choose offers the services you need

  • Depth (or Quality): Additionally, fast and easy does not always equal safer and smarter. Frequently, if not always, you want a background check service that gives you the quality and depth that will best protect your company from making a bad hire. For example, many less-thorough service providers can pull a criminal record in seconds, but these reports are known to have inaccuracies. Make sure you choose a provider that can do an in-depth check, contacting the correct legal institutions directly is a more accurate way to gather this type of information and ensure accuracy.

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Choose Carefully...and Slowly

In the thick of the hiring process, time is a huge motivator for an HR department facing a decision like choosing a background screening service. How fast can you make this decision and get these checks done, so the process can move along? Hurry, hurry, hurry!

But since your company will bear the financial and legal consequences of any bad or negligent hiring fall-out, it is important to make this decision slowly. Your company is most safe when it works with the best background check service provider it can.

For more information about how to discern whether a background check company you’ve chosen to work with is credible, check out our article Watch Out: Not All Background Screening Services are Created Equal.

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