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How Background Checks for Accounting Jobs Work with these Online Security Tips

How Background Checks for Accounting Jobs Work with these Online Security Tips

Using our services to get background checks for accounting jobs is a good way to narrow down candidate selections for firms. We pride ourselves on providing the one/two punch of cutting-edge innovation and outstanding customer service.

Triton also prides itself on working across a variety of different business verticals including the accounting profession. Finding the best candidates possible for open positions is an important aspect of having a successful business.

In today’s digital world, these tips can also help accounting firms stay secure.

Encrypting Data

This is an important step in making sure that all of your sensitive information stays secure. The right kind of encryption will prevent any kind of data breach where the information is stored on the hard drive, the cloud or being transferred through email attachment.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the best kind of encryption certificate small business in the accounting space should be looking at.

Partner with IT Security Companies

 In the same way that we can help you get good employees with background checks for accounting jobs, partnering with an IT security firm is a good idea. These professionals keep on top of any malware and virus threats. These are the experts who have a far-reaching view of IT security that goes far beyond simple virus protection.

They know that no industry including accounting is safe from a cyber attack.

Adopt A Policy

Working with your client’s numbers and data in the accounting space is a sensitive profession.Having a computer use policy for your business is a great idea. It should detail what kind of outside emails can be downloaded and by whom.

Your policy should also work towards making sure internal information doesn’t get downloaded and placed on drives that can be stolen. Blocking USB drives from your company Windows registry is a good step to take.

Look into Liability Insurance

Although responsible accounting firms take every precaution, breaches do happen and sensitive data can be lost. That’s why it’s a good idea to look into liability insurance to prevent one of these mishaps from disrupting your business completely.

Finding a lawyer who understands these issues and your small business liability as an accountant is a good idea. Finally, remember that vetting your employees is a good way of being proactive.  Using professional background checks for accounting jobs like the ones we offer can head off certain data breaches.


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