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How Triton Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integration Streamlines Your Hiring

How Triton Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integration Streamlines Your Hiring

Triton Verify is an industry leader when it comes to ATS integration. With our industry leading services, you’ll get the additional benefits of in house customer service and speedy background checks.

Innovation is always one of the tools we use to speed up the process for you. Our research shows that 94% of HR personnel believe that the right ATS can streamline their hiring process thereby saving companies money and finding the right candidates quickly.

Integrating different vendors into your ATS integration doesn’t need to be an overwhelming and time-consuming endeavor. Here’s a few of the core capabilities where our background integration can work to your benefit

  • We work with a variety of the most successful providers on the core capabilities like analytics and benchmarking as well as payroll, benefits and talent management. You’ll get expert ATS integration.
  • The integration systems that we work with usually rest on a single database that limits manual tasks. The result is a streamlined and efficient solution that’s cost efficient and geared towards finding the best candidates. The background check solutions that we integrate are intuitive and easy to navigate. Plus, there’s outstanding customer service.
  • You’ll get the information that you need quickly and efficiently. The speedy background checks provided by our applicant tracking system integration capabilities allow you to find the right candidate faster than the competition.

This ATS integration capability builds on the other cornerstones that you’ve come to expect from dealing with Triton. Namely, we’ve adopted this option to bolster our reputation as having some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Keeping our eye on innovation and all the latest technology are other benchmarks that we use to stay ahead of our competition. Our ATS integrated solutions are perfect for large corporations, smaller businesses or even individuals. Regardless of your size, background checks that are integrated are a big positive for peace of mind.

Our top priority is finding you the staffing solutions that allow you to focus on your bottom line. Experience is the key. With over half a century of experience in executive management roles, we’ve brought the best in background check systems and solutions from the top down.

Best of all, our ATS integrated solutions are designed to be comprehensive and thorough. They offer a complete functionality that works within the entire employee life cycle dealing with important metrics like attendance and recruiting to the very start and on boarding.


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