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International Background Checks

International Background Checks

Triton is dedicated to making sure that your company avoids all the costs of a bad hire. Today’s global workforce is brick-and-mortar and online, both in office and full of excellent candidates who telecommute. Making sure that your company gets the very best candidates is another aspect of what we do.

Our international background checks are expansive and the result of carefully cultivated relationships in 164 different countries. Most of the same background checks you would use as benchmarks for domestic candidates are available.

Here at Triton, we make helping you find the right candidate a hassle free professional process. Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve been able to help companies in industries as diverse as healthcare, information technology and governments to find people they can trust on all levels.

When it comes to international employees, our priority is making sure that you avoid some of the costs of turnover associated with a bad hire. We know that one wrong candidate who slips through the process and gets hired can affect employee morale. Here at Triton, we are the experts that can partner with you to make sure one costly mistake doesn’t ruin the entire company culture and create high turnover.

Our number one commitment is making sure that any discrepancies between any candidates information and our preemployment background screening show up and are brought to your attention. We are proud of our ability to supply international verifications in all the areas that matter.

Our international background checks are complete and thorough. We scan the databases of 135 government and local court and police agencies to find the possible candidates that have been flagged by the United States or other governments.

We have a comprehensive suite of international background check verification templates that are designed to make sure no bad candidates slip through the cracks. Choosing the wrong candidate can cost you in productivity.  In a worst-case scenario, you can have a credible threat to your infrastructure in your midst. We can help you avoid either scenario with our international verification processes.


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