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International Background Checks

Triton is dedicated to making sure that your company avoids all the costs of a bad hire. Today’s global workforce is brick-and-mortar and online, both in office and full of excellent candidates who telecommute. Making sure that your company gets the very best candidates is another aspect of what we do.

Criteria for Background Checks for Bank Jobs

Triton is dedicated to making sure we supply complete and thorough background checks for bank jobs as well as a host of other services. One of the areas we excel at our criminal background checks. It stands to reason that financial institutions want to be sure they’re getting credible and trustworthy applicants.

How Background Checks for Accounting Jobs Work with these Online Security Tips

Using our services to get background checks for accounting jobs is a good way to narrow down candidate selections for firms. We pride ourselves on providing the one/two punch of cutting-edge innovation and outstanding customer service.

How Employer Brand Supports Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

We’ve all heard that improving your employer brand is important. You’ve probably read many articles about how to improve your branding strategy, but why is it such an important topic?

5 Steps to Transform Your Recruitment Process in 2018

With every new year comes new industry trends, and 2018 is no different. The recruitment process is an ever-changing landscape.

7 Must-Haves in Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Having a competitive advantage in your industry can be difficult to accomplish without the right workforce in place.

How Applicant Tracking Systems Can Affect Existing Hiring Policies and Procedures

Software improvements today mean Human Resources departments large and small have advanced resources available to them that can simplify aspects of hiring. 

Benefits of Integrating with an Applicant Tracking System

Rapid advances in business technology mean Human Resource professionals continue to be challenged when it comes to adapting to change in their departments. 

How to Shop for Background Check Services

Anyone who has done a quick web search for the term “background check services” is aware that there are many companies that offer these services of one kind or another. 

Don’t Forget to Ask These Five Types of Reference Check Questions

Asking the right reference check questions can mean the difference between a good hire and a bad one. 

Why Perform a Reference Check On Your Employees - and How to Do Them Right

Due to the blanket “no-reference” policy trend of larger companies, a reference check on a job candidate can be one of the

Watch Out: Not All Employment Screening Services Are Equal

A third-party employment screening service can be Human Resource’s best friend - or sore spot. It all depends on whether or not the service meets, at least, these three criteria.