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Complete Driver’s Abstracts As Another Metric

Triton is an industry leader in making sure your company hires employees with clean driving records. Staying on top of every aspect of the candidate’s suitability for a position is quite often a moving target.

These are the Best Spots a Corporate Background check places people

A corporate background check can make all the difference between getting a good employee and one that doesn’t fit the bill.A recent survey presented us with a list of the top places to work and we thought we pass this along to you.

Why You Need Background Check Companies on Your Team

Finding the right background check companies to work with ensures that you get a clear look at a job candidate’s work experience. Unfortunately, it’s one of the areas where people can supply false information. 

How to Match A Talent Acquisition Strategy to Your Company Culture

By now, you know that having a talent acquisition strategy is key to the success of any company’s workforce.

4 Pitfalls of New Talent Acquisition Strategies

Undertaking the implementation of a new talent acquisition strategy is no small feat. There are many moving parts in the project from team alignment to reporting the results of your efforts.

6 Smart Employee Retention Strategies

Replacing employees is expensive. 

Most Common Questions Asked During an Employee Background Check

The scope of an employee background check can vary based on company needs and the nature of the role being filled.