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Pre-Employment Screening and Bad Employees: What You Can Do

Our pre-employment screening process will help you weed out the bad candidates so they don’t become bad employees. However, you might have made a few mistakes before you hired us. If that’s the case, here’s a few helpful tips on dealing with bad employees. 

Why a Pre-screening Process is a Critical Component of Recruitment

Employers can no longer rely solely on resumes and candidate interviews to make a sound hiring decision. While both are an important part of the recruitment process, neither accurately report past performance, behavior, and other risk factors that could make a candidate a potential bad hire for a company. Having a pre-screening, or pre-employment screening process in place will help illuminate any risk factors that may be present before hiring an individual to your team.

​How to Complete Pre Employment Checks - Fast

Because they can take an indeterminate amount of time, pre employment checks often put recruiters, hiring professionals and human resource representatives in the hot seat in a competitive job market.