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Writing Job Descriptions that Underscore Employer Brand

The best candidates are searching for a great place to work in addition to a job that is a good fit for their skills when looking at job descriptions. They want to impact your organization, grow personally, and connect in a meaningful way with their colleagues. To find these candidates, you must focus on employer brand in your job descriptions. Communicating your employer brand to candidates within the job description can help your candidates answer these questions:

Why Talent Acquisition Strategies are Replacing Simple Recruiting

Taking the time to hire individuals that suit your company, who want to help your company reach its objectives is imperative to its success.  For decades, companies have approached recruiting with a fill-the-position-quickly mindset. This is a mistake. As we grow in HR, and learn new strategies, it is becoming the norm to have a complete talent acquisition strategy in place of simple recruiting.

5 Tips for Writing Killer Job Descriptions

Every decision to hire a new employee, whether your company is small or large, represents growth and should be celebrated.  What a great feeling it is to have a flourishing company!

How to Match A Talent Acquisition Strategy to Your Company Culture

By now, you know that having a talent acquisition strategy is key to the success of any company’s workforce.

How Employer Brand Supports Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

We’ve all heard that improving your employer brand is important. You’ve probably read many articles about how to improve your branding strategy, but why is it such an important topic?

​How to Go From Employee Recruitment to Talent Acquisition​

In the past, the recruiting standard was an engaging career web page or job board on the company website and an HR representative to answer the phone, but that's not enough to draw talent.