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These are the Best Spots a Corporate Background check places people

These are the Best Spots a Corporate Background check places people

A corporate background check can make all the difference between getting a good employee and one that doesn’t fit the bill.A recent survey presented us with a list of the top places to work and we thought we pass this along to you.

Verify Employment Dates

Here at Triton, we take great pride in presenting our customers with excellent employment verification checks. The criteria we use verifies employment dates for former employers as well as the positions held and the reasons for departure.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Being able to put this pediatric research children’s hospital on our list made us feel great. Beyond all the excellent work employees there do, the hospital itself is committed to work/life balance. As well as being committed to making an outstanding difference in the lives of children, this place offers an on-site gym, and flexible hours so everyone involved is motivated.


Because we’re in the business of providing background check corporate services to a number of different clients, we didn’t think we’d be leaving tech companies off our list. This Boston based online marketing firm even offers free beer and bring your pet to work days as incentives to young executives.

Here at Triton, we are dedicated to the same kind of excellence as the names on our list. For example, one of the advantages we offer is the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We understand that business moves quickly in this day and age. We know you don’t want to be kept waiting to verify someone’s background before moving onto the next step.


Here’s another name that we weren’t surprised to find when we did our research. This is the company that combines old traditional standards with cutting-edge offers to their employees. For example, they’re considered one of the highest paying corporations in America. At the same time, they offer an outstanding employee benefit package that includes catered meals.

Bain & Company

Because variety is the spice of life inside and outside work, we added this Boston based consulting company. They’ve made Glassdoor’s top 100 list every year for the last decade with outstanding incentives like an outstanding company culture.

When you go to that kind of trouble to put together a good atmosphere for employees, a background check corporate makes perfect sense.  We even offer employment history verification.


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