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What Everyone Involved Needs to Know About Criminal Record Checks

What Everyone Involved Needs to Know About Criminal Record Checks

In some circumstances, criminal record checks are the prerequisite to getting a job. Many employers in the United States require one as part of their screening process. Future employees have rights when it comes to this type of documentation.

These reports are regulated by a federal body. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the agency that enforces a series of laws around these background checks. The idea is to make sure the whole process runs smoothly without any disruptions, respecting the rights of everyone involved.

Fair and Reasonable

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is also there to make sure there’s no discrimination. Every effort has been taken to ensure the process surrounding these criminal record checks is a fair and reasonable one.

Understanding what’s normal and what’s outside of the existing laws is critical for both employees and employers. For example, there are many different rules and regulations around the questions concerning a prospect’s background. However, it’s well within the right of any prospective employer to ask some questions including those about your education and past employment.

Criminal background checks are a critical aspect of the information that can be collected. It’s important to keep in mind that a prospective employer can’t ask for any extra information that’s based on your age or ethnic background. 

Criminal Record Checks and Third-Party Companies

Here’s another interesting tip. If the employer asks for a background check and wants to use a third-party to get the information they need, they’ll have to have your consent. Of course, it’s important here to make sure this third-party understands all the legal obligations involved. For example, our background checks are fully compliant with all human rights as well as national and state privacy legislations.

Our number one priority is providing excellent service to our valued customers. We use all the latest technology and that way we guarantee that we will exceed their expectations.

Making sure that you don’t run afoul of any legislation when you’re an employer looking to put together criminal background checks is essential. Selecting honest and reliable employees is a priority for businesses in every vertical today.

Getting good employees is a cornerstone of any business success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fortune 500 company or a smaller enterprise, having people who understand and work with your goals is essential. Criminal record checks properly executed within the parameters of the law are a great way to find good people.


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